How it works

Fax2mail is a new and innovative concept that enables you to receive your fax documents directly in the inbox of your E-mail via your personal fax number. No more faxes getting lost and you can receive your faxes wherever you can access your E-mail. You also have the option to activate the sending function of this service and send faxes directly from your computer when you are online. Fax 2 Mail saves you time and money.

Receiving faxes

You can now receive faxes anywhere, provided you have Internet access! On sign up you will be instantly allocated a personal dedicated fax number, where you will receive your faxes, which will then be forwarded to your E-mail address. These faxes are received as TIF attachments, which can be easily viewed with Image Viewer so you donít have to install additional software. These faxes can be printed, forwarded, saved on disk/network and faxed.


Step-by-step receiving a fax

  1. A fax is sent to your personal fax number.
  2. The fax is received at the delivery station. It is then automatically converted to an E-mail and sent to your E-mail address.
  3. An E-mail arrives at your PC with a TIF attachment.